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Your Wedding, Captured Beautifully

A man with glasses smiling against a river and trees as a backdrop.
A man with glasses smiling against a river and trees as a backdrop.

About Me

Hey, I’m Josh.

I'm a wedding videographer based in Brighton. I've been lucky enough to work with couple across East and West Sussex for the last few years, but have over ten years of videography experience.

Starting your search for wedding videographers is often quite daunting (I experienced it a couple of years ago for my own wedding!). That's why I'm happy to chat with you about any queries, questions of concerns you may have.

I'll always ensure quality comes first and I make sure to listen to the ideas you have, as well as throwing in a few myself to make sure your event is truly memorable. All of my packages come with high quality drone footage and photo stills from the film.

A drone shot over a suburban coast line
A drone shot over a suburban coast line

Do you need a wedding video?

Yes. It's that simple.

A wedding video is more than a record; it's a living memory of your special day. It captures emotions, vows, and laughter, preserving the essence of your celebration. While photos freeze moments, a video lets you relive them. It's a keepsake that brings back the ambiance, the fleeting glances, and embraces, preserving the day's magic.

Wedding photos are great, but it's much easier and so much more immersive to show your friends and family a ten minute highlight of your day. Videographers are normally one of the last suppliers booked for weddings, but a video should always be high up on your priority list. You've spent so much time and money on your big day, make sure you have a wedding video to remember it by.

I offer no-nonsence video packages to capture the magic of your wedding day. All of my options are customisable, so if there's something you want but can't see it, just ask and we can build a personalised plan for you. I invest in the equipment I use to ensure your video stands the test of time and is the quality you deserve.

For more details, please contact me.


I have a photographer, do I need a videographer?

It's completely up to you, but I would always say yes. I watch my wedding video back a lot more than I browse through the photo album. Being able to see friends and family coming to life, hearing their laughs and conversations, it really is special. I work alongside photographers to make sure we are capturing the best quality content, whilst causing minimal interference with your big day.

What is a highlight video?

A wedding highlight video is a condensed, cinematic representation of a wedding day. It typically ranges from 3 to 15 minutes in length and captures the most memorable and significant moments of the event. It's easy to watch and share with friends and family.

When should I book?

I would always recommend booking as soon as you have booked your venue, that way you can avoid disappointment as (especially in the summer months) I tend to book up quite quickly, sometimes a couple of years in advance. If you're not quite in a position to book, I'd still recommend getting in touch and getting the ball rolling.

How do payments work?

Typically, to secure your date, I would take a 25% deposit when you sign the contract, and the remaining 75% would be due 14 days before the wedding.

It's never nice having all of your payments due so close to the wedding, so I do offer structured payment plans (at no extra cost) to help you spread the cost. That way, your wedding video is one less thing to worry about.

Do you travel?

I do! I'm based in Brighton and usually take on weddings in Sussex, but I'm always open to travelling further. There would be an additional cost for any weddings over 100 miles away.

Are you available for destination weddings?

I am! Who doesn't love a trip? These would be a bespoke option, so get in touch and let's chat.

How long does editing take?

I aim to get everything across to you within 6 weeks of the wedding. However, usually the editing process is completed within a couple of weeks so you should get your film a lot sooner.

A bride and groom embracing
A bride and groom embracing
A wedding dress hanging up
A wedding dress hanging up
A bridge and groom kissing with confetti being thrown
A bridge and groom kissing with confetti being thrown